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Mmm…That’s A 10.

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Hot Girls


Hachi machi! Daddy likes. The hips shaking, the black panties, the sexy face, and the perfect ass. I felt bad after putting everyone through the National Topless Day, so I figured I’d make it up to you. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to internet stalk this chick because in the near and dear future she will be mine. Mine she will be.

(LA Weekly) The porn industry’s lobbying group said last night that a performer who has initially turned up positive for HIV did not contract the virus on-set. As the Free Speech Coalition set out to ease fears of an STD outbreak, its leader, CEO Diane Duke, said ” … there is no indication of on-set transmission.” That as the possible porn star in question was identified in the adult trade press as …… a woman with the stage name Cameron Bay. Xbiz reported that Mark Schechter, the owner of Adult Talent Managers (ATMLA), confirmed the ID but said extra tests were being done to confirm or contradict the original positive signal. In a statement sent to the Weekly and other outlets, the FSC said that, indeed, “additional confirmatory tests are being conducted:”

You know what’s weird about every time there’s some sort of disease scare in porn? I’m always subtly hoping it’s a porn star that I know, but it never is. Like, who the fuck is Cameron Bay? I watch my fair share of porn and have never stumbled upon that name. Apparently she was on the VH1 show “Tool Academy,” which I also didn’t watch. I don’t know why but for some reason deep down I’m just like, “Wouldn’t it be something if it was Gianna or Rachel Starr?” It’s a real weird situation because it seems like I’m wishing terrible things upon them, but I’m not. I just want to feel like me and my jerk sessions are a part of the situation in some way. Like I’m here to console them or something. Does that make me fucked up in the head? The short answer is probably, so let’s leave it at that.

But the funny thing to me is you know every porn-watching, dick-beating Joe in America was waiting to hear who the person was with the AIDS. No other news in the world is more important to men than porn news. Egypt could straight up disintegrate into thin air and American men wouldn’t blink until they knew if one of their favorite ladies to crack stick to was involved in this. That’s what most women don’t get about porn. They always ask why we watch so much of it and why we like it so much. Listen babes, it goes far beyond the 5-10 minutes I’m rubbing one out to these sluts. I care about them. I spend intimate time with them every fucking day. There’s a lot of feelings that build up over minutes upon minutes of dick pounding over the years. These girls have been with me for over 10 years now. 10 fucking years! That’s a long ass time. So through thick and thin, I’ll always love them. Not Cameron Bay. Never heard of her. She should have been more careful. But for Abella Anderson, Alexis Texas, Heather Brooke, and old school Ice La Fox…y’all are my girls for life. I’ll always be here for you, dick in hand, ready to do work.

PS – Apparently Cameron Bay did a relatively recent scene with the dude who’s in the new Sydney Leathers (Anthony Weiner’s fat chick) porn. How ironic would it be if Sydney caught something? I don’t want to say AIDS because that’s rough. Let’s just root for herpes on that fat bitch. Teach her a lesson.


Could this bitch just cut the shit and grow some goddamn hair already? Enough is enough. The shaved head style didn’t work for Sinead O’Conner and it’s not gonna work for you just because you’ve got a curvy body. I know everyone will probably call her a fat pig, but she did just have a baby. And if you exclusively like girls who are paper thin and flat as a board then you’re not a real man. This chick would be hot as hell if she grew some long hair. Her butt cheeks are like two Christmas hams that jiggle like Jell-O. And her boobs aren’t for the faint of heart either. She’s got some cannons. Just stop shaving your fucking head!

Amberrose Tattoo

Gwen Stefani – Still Got It

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Hot Girls, Music


Gwen going with the ol’ Jessica Alba pose. Nice. I’m a huge Gwen Stefani fan. No Doubt was awesome. Her solo career was solid too. And she’s always looked like a freak in the sack to me. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of lipstick, but Gwen pulls it off. What she lacks in chesticles she makes up for in unique style and beauty.

Nothing like a bunch of hot chicks getting real friendly in a hotel room to get you ready for your Saturday night. Everyone do yourself a favor and aim high tonight. I’ve got a good feeling we’re all gonna hook up with 10s. Story time tomorrow.

Learning the ropes: Lourdes Leon and her brother Rocco Ritchie enjoy an adventurous day of bike riding and ziplining while vacationing in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France on Tuesday

All ready to go: The 16-year-old geared up in an orange safety helmet and gloves All ready to go: The 16-year-old geared up in an orange safety helmet and gloves

Those are some nice little buns she’s got there. I’m gonna bite my tongue for the most part right here since she’s 16. So let’s just say she’s got a face that says, “I just saw my 54 year old whore mother having sex with her 25 year old boyfriend.”

Fashionable: The teen donned a bright orange vest and yoga trousers


amanda_seyfried_breasts_pic_11 amanda-seyfried-20080717031611925-000 Amanda-Seyfried-bikini  amanda-seyfrieds-tits-at-the-les-miserables-premiere-of-the-day

(LAist) You know what’s missing from Hollywood? Boobs. There just are simply not enough of them out there on the silver screen. And because of that, Amanda Seyfried is now worried that her decision to show off the girls in her upcoming movie, “Lovelace,” could cost her her career. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Seyfried said, “This is the riskiest thing that’s happening in Hollywood right now…The first thing you think about is that it could ruin my career.” Seyfried plays porn star Linda Lovelace in the movie, who found fame in the epic movie for which Seyfried’s film is named. The movie also stars Peter Sarsgaard and Sharon Stone.

I’m trying to figure out why Amanda Seyfried thinks showing off her fun bags in her new movie is going to hurt her career. After doing 10 minutes of titty research, I’m confident that she’s got a small, but healthy C-cup. Definitely nothing to scoff at. Two minutes in the closet with her and I’m a motor boatin’ son of a bitch. So where’s this inferiority complex coming from? Can anyone think of any reason why Amanda Seyfried, a rising star with nice tits, would have such little confidence in her physical appearance?

lindsay_lohan_mean_girls mean-girls-gallery gret208f780127ba97f6cb4c865b11203570


Oh yeah. She was the dumb ugly one in Mean Girls surrounded by three of the sexiest bitches alive at the time. Lohan in her prime. Absolute cannons on her in this movie. Gretchen Weiners was a brunette bombshell, and Rachel McAdams has only gotten hotter. So yeah, I’m sure they wrote some mean shit about her titties in the Burn Book.

Damnit. That’s weak sauce baby girl. I’m a HUGE Nina Dobrev guy. Been on her since she got knocked up in Degrassi. She always had the chesticles and now she’s just a straight fox. But this outfit? Yeah, I’m hard. But not rock hard. Still could use a little more blood flow towards the penile region, Nina. Next time bring your A fucking plus game because Selena owned your ass. And you don’t want to start trading punches with a feisty latina girl. It won’t end well. It’s OK though. You still win in my heart.

God I just want to marry that face.

Looking fabulous: Lake Bell posed nude for the current cover of New York Magazine, with nothing but a painted rose to protect her modesty

This is a cover that Lake Bell just shot for New York Magazine. Little known fact about me: I’ve been obsessed with Lake Bell’s tits since she went topless in “How To Make It In America.” She’s definitely not the most attractive women. She’s kind of got a manly cheek bone structure going on. But there’s no denying she’s got a grade A rack. I mean really. Look at the funbags on that hoze hound. Damn near perfect if you ask me.

And without further adieu. Lake Bell’s awesome boobies featuring Kid Cudi.

PS – Am I the only one still wondering why “How To Make It In America” was cancelled? I really enjoyed that show.

So the Gathering Of The Juggalos is going on this weekend at some random remote town in Illinois. I found a link that was titled, “Juggalette Cuties at the 2012 Gathering NSFW.” So, I naturally disregarded the NSFW and started browsing through the pictures. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect. A bunch of pale white girls with gross bodies and nasty ski slope titties partying topless. Really a disgusting sight. But then, hidden amongst all those grimey bitches was this DIME. Look at this chick. She does not belong at the Gathering of the Juggalos. She belongs in porn. That’s a knockout body right there. And that look on her face? Straight up dick riser. Why couldn’t there be a picture of her topless? Send out the smoke patrol to the Gathering of the Juggalos 2013 and find this minx!