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(Source) “As good as you think he is, he’s better than that,” Josh Beckett said of Clayton Kershaw. “He could possibly be the best pitcher ever.” Beckett has had ample time to watch Kershaw from afar while recovering from surgery that treated his thoracic outlet syndrome on July 8 which required a removal of a rib. “They cut the rib out of my spine,” Beckett said. “That’s where all of my pain was, in my upper back.” Beckett reported that he is ahead of schedule and will be ready to start a throwing program this week and hoped to start his normal offseason program in December. “I’m planning for Spring Training 2014.” Although Beckett has missed a considerable chunk of the season, he doesn’t feel any regrets or that he’s missing out on anything. “I’m genuinely happy for everybody: the fans, the ownership who put this thing together. It’s an exciting time to be a Dodger fan, a Dodger player, a Dodger DL-guy, a Dodger owner. 

Two points I want to make here. First, let me say I have a bias against Josh Beckett. I’m originally from the Boston area and the last two years he was on the Red Sox he couldn’t have been more of a stuck up asshole. Extremely lazy and a clubhouse cancer. As you can see by that picture, he was on the David Wells training program. So usually anything that he secretes out of his mouth is garbage and I hate it.

Now calling Kershaw possibly the best pitcher ever is obviously going way overboard. But if you want to throw him out there as the best pitcher in baseball today, I won’t argue. Since his rookie season he hasn’t had an ERA over 3. This season he’s got an absurd 1.72. That’s the stuff of legends. Opponents are hitting .182 against him, and he’s only given up a total of 38 runs. Both of those are MLB lows.

But you wanna know what I think is his best quality? He eats innings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No pitchers do that anymore. If your starter makes it into the sixth inning nowadays then you got your moneys worth. Kershaw throws 7 on the regular and a complete game is always in the cards. He’s tied with Adam Wainwright for most innings pitched this year with 198. It’s an undervalued quality in a pitcher. Most middle relievers are so sketchy with their performances that having a horse on the mound for a starter means a lot to a team. Kershaw is looking a lot like Roy Halladay did three years ago. Big time ace who performs his best in big time games.

Playoffs? Can’t wait.


Nice Snag, Bro.

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Baseball

Bet Jason Heyward wishes he had reflexes like that.


Show up late to the game, get benched, get fined, get put into the game in the sixth, hit the go-ahead homer on the first pitch you see, make a part time blogger look like a jackass. Check and mate. That’s the baseball equivalent of swishing a fade-away three for the game directly in my eye. I guess Puig’s gonna do what Puig’s gonna do: whatever the fuck he wants and mash at the plate.


Not exactly how you’d like your young stud rookie to handle things, but I like this move by the Dodgers and Mattingly. No bull shit. No special treatment. No coddling. You want to be a star in the big leagues? Earn your way like everyone else out there. Start having some discipline at the plate instead of hacking at chin-high fastballs with an 0-2 count like last night. And even though watching his arm from right is a thing of beauty, you have to hit the cutoff guy sometimes. You need to give him a chance to make a play instead of unleashing a cannon to third base every time.

Look I’m not trying to overreact to one horrible game from Puig. It’s gonna happen. He’s a rookie. And no matter how freakishly good he is, he’s still gonna make rookie mistakes. I’m just concerned about his mental state. Guy seems like a ticking time bomb to me. Ready to lash out at any umpire, coach, or teammate over little baby shit. He’s one hell of a talent but he’s not a professional yet. That’s the key. Professionalism needs to be learned. There are some good guys in that dugout so I hope they can get through to him.

This also brings up a question I’ve debated with a buddy. Right now, would you take Puig or Bryce Harper to start a rebuilding process? They’re both young and immature, but it’s tough for me to pick against Harper. I think he’s got the brighter, longer future ahead of him. Puig is more talented, but like I said, I don’t trust his mental state. Tick-tock tick-tock. Eventually he’s gonna explode. Hopefully for the Dodgers he explodes with home runs and RBI’s. not anger.



Yeah, it looks a little gay. So what? The Dodgers are streaking and Frank Reynolds came out to play. He’s 100% ready to plow.

I’ve been putting this off for a while because I hate jumping the gun and talking about games in July and August, but the Dodgers are in the midst of something special right now. Let’s look at the facts.

  • 20-3 since the break.
  • 37-8 in their last 45 games.
  • 7 1/2 game lead in the division.
  • Unbeaten in their last 15 series (11-0-4).
  • One top tier ace (Kershaw) and a recent Cy Young winner as the #2 (Greinke).
  • Pop in the bat up and down the lineup.

Looks like a winning formula to me. Obviously they’re gonna slow down at some point in the coming weeks. There’s no way you can tear through the second half of the season at this ridiculous pace. But Dodger fever is sweeping the town and barring a huge collapse (which a few people on this team are familiar with), they should be playing ball when it matters in the fall. Hopefully Kemp’s ankle can stop being made of glass and we’ll see him on the field soon.


First, let me clearly state that I love the Little League World Series. LOVE it. Little League baseball was pretty much the prime of my athletic career and my league made it to the US final in 2002. That being said, I wasn’t on the team. It was a year after I finished little league, but I went to Williamsport and it really is an awesome place with a special kind of buzz around it. I’d recommend it as a bucket list trip for any big time baseball fans out there.

Now, let me also clearly state this: the only time it’s acceptable to cry in any sporting event at any age is if you just got knocked out and your season is over. That’s it. It’s the only time where that wave of emotions hits you and you realize you’re finished. There’s no crying when you strike out. No crying when you cut your knee sliding. No crying when you get hit by a pitch. THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL! Why do you think that’s such a revered quote? Because it’s 100% true. Only the pussiest of kids cry on national TV at the LLWS. Take a look at that video I posted. The kid who got pushed to the ground is flopping around like he got shot in the chest. What a fucking pussy. And even the first baseman is crying! Bro, you made the right play and tagged the kid out. Good shit. Now pull up your jock strap, rub some dirt on it and finish out the inning. Seriously I’ve never seen two bigger nancy boys in my life. Good luck if you ever get drafted. All you need is one of your teammates to pull this up on YouTube and you’re days of being one of the guys will be donezo.

A Thought On The A-Rod Suspension

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Baseball

So A-Rod got handed his 211 game suspension from baseball which will probably end his playing career. Good riddens, suck it A-Rod, yadda yadda yadda. I’m over him. What I really want to say is that Ryan Braun better be getting the A-Rod treatment for the rest of his career. Fans should hate Ryan Braun and give him shit for everything he does just like they do for A-Rod. They both took steroids, both lied about doing it, both made a big fuss when there was no clear evidence against them, and both eventually were proven wrong and rightfully suspended. Look, I’m not one of those baseball purists who is offended when someone does roids. It’s the nature of the beast. Professional athletes take PED’s and that’s all there is to it. Their paycheck depends on them performing well, so if you can get an advantage over the competition that you think you might be able to get away with, then go for it. The home run race in ’98 was the most exciting baseball I’ve ever watched, and it was all because we were watching a bunch of dude’s who juiced for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have a problem with the guys who get caught, then deny it until they’re blue in the face, only to get proven guilty down the road. Don’t players get it by now? If you get caught, you hold a press conference, own up to it, and people will start to forgive and let it go. Andy Pettite, David Ortiz, Jason Giambi. All those guys got caught and owned up to it. Do we ever villianize them like we do A-Rod? Hell no. They don’t ever get questioned about steroids. If you tell the truth to the public, we accept, brush it aside and forget about it because you have to respect someone for coming clean.

The thing with Braun is I think people are going to let him off the hook. Like, for some reason he comes across as this really likeable guy to everyone. Seems like the kind of guy you could see at a bar and have a beer with. I can see it now. He’ll serve his suspension, then come back and hold a press conference apologizing to fans and shed a few tears. Then he’ll get a standing O from the Milwaukee crowd his first game back. In reality, he deserves to be laughed at, made fun of, and booed just like A-Rod.

Dodgers Sign Brian Wilson…Meh.

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Baseball

An Evening With Chrysler And Fiat

In search of a late-inning reinforcement in the bullpen, the Dodgers are turning to longtime nemesis Brian Wilson. Wilson, a former All-Star closer and World Series hero with the rival San Francisco Giants, has agreed to a major-league deal with the Dodgers, according to a person familiar with the situation. The right-hander comes to the Dodgers as a reclamation project, as he is working his way back from reconstructive elbow surgery. Wilson, 31, last pitched in April 2012. Before joining the Dodgers’ major-league club, he will pitch in the minor leagues on a rehabilitation assignment. Wilson’s contract, which is guaranteed, runs through the end of this season. The Dodgers were  among the teams present when Wilson threw in front of scouts last week. Wilson, who makes his off-season home in Los Angeles, met Sunday with General Manager Ned Colletti. Wilson had three offers, all from contending teams. He led the league with 48 saves in 2010. He saved six games in the playoffs that season, the last of which clinched the World Series title for the Giants. Wilson, whose long beard and flamboyant personality made him a celebrity, became a free agent after last season, when the Giants didn’t tender him a contract.

Complete “meh,” type signing for me. I see why they did it. Low risk high reward. If by chance he recovers quickly and puts together a string of good pitching it’ll be worth it. I just seriously don’t like this dude. He’s a total jackoff for the sake of being one. But LA is a perfect place for a flamboyant, over-the-top doucher who craves attention. Like, that picture screams douchebag. Whatever. Without further adieu…welcome to LA, Brian Wilson.

It feels good knowing that the best, most exciting young player in baseball is on the Dodgers. The Angels can suck it. LA is Dodger town, and the Dodgers are starting to look more and more like a lock to run away with the NL West. Keep it up boys, because daddy needs a parade real bad.

PS – That bat flip + sliding into home plate = BOSS.