I Hate To Admit It But This Magic Trick Prank Video Made Me Laugh

Posted: March 22, 2017 in Uncategorized


Fuck. I really don’t like when these young meddling kids make me chuckle. But when they do, I have nothing to do but tuck my old, grey, geriatric tail between my legs and tip my foam front/webbed-back AARP trucker hat to them. And that’s exactly what I’m doing for this video.

It’s just such a simple prank. Tricking people into doing something stupid with their eyes closed and walking away. Genius. There’s no big reveal or master trickery going on. No shock value. No one having to scream, “CHILL DUDE IT’S JUST A PRANK!” like some kind of asshole. Nope. This was just pure, goofy, innocent fun. And you can tell it was legit, too. It’s not something so out of this world that you’d HAVE to get people in on it to pull it off. You just convince a stranger that you’re practicing to be a street magician, and boom. You’re in.

Is it the funniest prank I’ve ever seen? Definitely not. But it’s refreshing to see a harmless gag from a young prankster. Even in the Jackass movies, sometimes the simplest pranks made me laugh the most.




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