#AlternativeFacts Has Led To A Boost In Sales For ‘1984’ Which I Read, So I Get The Joke Ha Ha Ha

Posted: January 25, 2017 in Uncategorized


(Source) – Just two days after President Trump was sworn into office, Kellyanne Conway took it upon herself to bizarrely rename “lies” as “alternative facts.” Tonight, a Philadelphia TV anchor said in response that Conway is “good at bullshit” live on air, but that hasn’t stopped George Orwell’s 1984 from skyrocketing in sales after her interview. 

On Sunday, Conway told Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd that press secretary Sean Spicer gave “alternative facts” to the media—a statement which Fox 29 Philadelphia morning show anchor Mike Jerrick did not necessarily agree with. “She’s good at bullshit!” he blurted out, to the laughter of his co-anchors. (Well, most of them.)

However, after people have called Conway’s interview heavy in “Orwellian” language, which is perhaps what led to the spike in Orwell’s dystopian classic. As Huffington Post noted, one edition of the book was the second-highest spot on Amazon’s best-seller’s list on Tuesday afternoon.

Lol yes. This is SO 1984. Alternative Facts? More like DoubleThink! This is so incredibly spot on, I honestly feel bad for you if you haven’t read the book. 1984 is like, happening right now. KellyAnne Conway IS O’Brien. Soon enough Trump’s face will be plastered all over the country staring us down like Big Brother. You best get down with the Party (Disturbed voice), or prepare to vanish. Ugh, if only people educated themselves with some classic literature for once instead of scrolling through their Twitter timelines, then maybe we would have seen the parallels and stopped this atrocity from happening.


Yeah, I pretty much just posted this article so I could brag that I read 1984 within the last 9 months. I read about one book per year, and last year’s was 1984. So if Trump does start turning the US into some Oceana type state, then guess what? Us learned folk are several steps ahead of all the simpletons out there who didn’t read the book. First thing I’m doing is memorizing the Party slogan, mastering DoubleThink, and making my way to D.C. to try and become a high ranking Party member in the Ministry of Love. Party members are the only people with enough self control to still have sex and not have it affect their loyalty to the Party. You wanna live prosperous in Trump’s America? Learn how to understand the applicable usage of #AlternativeFacts and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get laid. So say it with me now…

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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