A Tornado Survivor In Mississippi Rocked The Hell Out Of His Interview With The Weather Channel

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Props to Daniuhl Alexanduhr for answering the bell in his community’s time of crisis. In between all of those “uhhhs”(I counted 14) and stutters, there was actually a fairly brave story of attempted heroism. If you didn’t catch it, he said him and two other people went over to try and save someone on Alcorn Street, but “it didn’t even work out.” Pretty great way to describe something as dire as a neighbor dying by way of natural disaster. Imagine if people started using that as a defense in court?

“My client did not murder Jane Doe. He was attempting to keep her alive, but it didn’t work out.” 

That really softens the blow. If I’m on a jury and I hear that, I’m dropping the charges down to manslaughter. I mean it sounds like the guy was trying to do the right thing, but an unusual set of circumstances led to an unfortunate outcome. Mistakes happen, because sometimes things don’t work out.

Also, I can’t tell if Daniuhl is happy or upset with his neighborhood and how they’re reacting to the crisis. Did anyone catch this quote towards the end?

“You got families our here, and you know, folks got families and stuff man. I’m talkin bout ain’t nobody helpin nobody or nothin. Everybody helpin each other, you feel me?”

So nobody is helping anybody, but everybody is helping each other. Damn, that’s poetic. Like something from a utopian society right before everyone drinks the kool-aid.  Maybe my pre-conceptions about southern communities like Hattiesburg, Mississippi are misplaced. I don’t know anyone who has actually gone down to those states besides people who were born and raised there. So perhaps there’s a surreal utopian lifestyle in the deep south that I’m not aware of, and Nick Saban is the Jim Jones/David Koresh figure. I know nothing absolutely nothing about the deep south, so I’d buy it.

And if Daniuhl wants to parlay this interview into a rap career, I don’t see why not. Mumble rap is what’s hot in the streets now, and he’s certainly got the indiscernible nonsense part down. Here I’ll even help him out by producing his first track…


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