James Franco To Host A New Show About Art And Shit

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Movies

James Franco Presents Teaser

(This is actually the way he announced it)

(Hollywood Gossip) James Franco has somehow found time in his schedule for yet another new gig. The actor/poet/graduate school student/Rif Raff wannabe announced this morning that he will soon host a series titled James Franco Presents on Ovation… which apparently is a network and everything! In classic James Franco fashion, this is how he confirmed the program: artistic Instagram style! Franco will also serve as executive producer on what is billed via press release as “an unprecedented look at the fascinating projects and real-life adventures of Mr. Franco.”

I couldn’t care less about James Franco’s new show, but it’s a perfect segway into a topic that’s bothered me for a while. What’s the deal with James Franco? Is he just a total hipster doofus art-loving tool in real life but he dominates his roles on screen? I think that’s it, but I can’t accept it. I’d like to think he’s just chill and cool like he is in all of his roles. Apparently that’s not the case though. Like in “This Is The End”* when they first get to his party and he starts talking about how everything is art. I think that’s how he is in real life and that was the big joke.

It just bothers me that someone who owns all his roles like he does could be such a doucher in real life. I guess that’s why he’s a good actor though. He doesn’t even smoke and he played a PERFECT pothead in Pineapple Express. Danny from Freaks And Geeks was as cool and badass as they come. The Fonze of a generation. But real life James Franco likes lensless glasses and finger painting. Disappointment city.

*If you haven’t seen This Is The End, you’re missing out. Absolutely hilarious movie. They all kill it. Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and our man James Franco specifically.

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