Yasiel Puig Follows Up 0-5 2K Performance On Monday By Showing Up Late Today And Getting Benched/Fined…Here We Go.

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Baseball

Not exactly how you’d like your young stud rookie to handle things, but I like this move by the Dodgers and Mattingly. No bull shit. No special treatment. No coddling. You want to be a star in the big leagues? Earn your way like everyone else out there. Start having some discipline at the plate instead of hacking at chin-high fastballs with an 0-2 count like last night. And even though watching his arm from right is a thing of beauty, you have to hit the cutoff guy sometimes. You need to give him a chance to make a play instead of unleashing a cannon to third base every time.

Look I’m not trying to overreact to one horrible game from Puig. It’s gonna happen. He’s a rookie. And no matter how freakishly good he is, he’s still gonna make rookie mistakes. I’m just concerned about his mental state. Guy seems like a ticking time bomb to me. Ready to lash out at any umpire, coach, or teammate over little baby shit. He’s one hell of a talent but he’s not a professional yet. That’s the key. Professionalism needs to be learned. There are some good guys in that dugout so I hope they can get through to him.

This also brings up a question I’ve debated with a buddy. Right now, would you take Puig or Bryce Harper to start a rebuilding process? They’re both young and immature, but it’s tough for me to pick against Harper. I think he’s got the brighter, longer future ahead of him. Puig is more talented, but like I said, I don’t trust his mental state. Tick-tock tick-tock. Eventually he’s gonna explode. Hopefully for the Dodgers he explodes with home runs and RBI’s. not anger.


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