Study Says Being Cheap Is More Attractive Than Being A Big Spender

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Random Thought


(LA Times) Behaving like Scrooge is typically not the best way to win points with a date. But a new study concludes that many love seekers think savers are actually more attractive than spenders. Savers are viewed as having higher powers of self-control than their free-spending peers. That kind of discipline can extend into other areas as well, making life more pleasant for potential mates, the study said. For example, savers may also be more careful about exercising and watching their nutrition. Those careful about money, the thinking goes, may actually be better-looking than spenders because they have the discipline to work out and eat well. Titled “A Penny Saved Is a Partner Earned: The Romantic Appeal of Savers,” the working paper from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business echoes similar studies showing that post-recession, a certain amount of frugality is appreciated in a partner. Ron Lieber, a columnist for the New York Times, for example, got dating website eHarmony to scan through the millions of matches made in 2010. The site concluded that members who described themselves as savers actually managed to attract 25% more messages from suitors compared with  those who called themselves spenders. In fact, thriftiness is considered such a desirable quality, people have started lying and describing themselves as savers on dating profiles even if they are not, the study said. Human behavior, it turns out, can change only so much.

I’ve said this before, women aren’t necessarily attracted to tons of money, and they definitely aren’t attracted to cheap guys who save all the time either. They’re just attracted to someone who’s good at money management. Now obviously money-grubbing gold-digging whores are going after the guys with fat pockets. That’s a given. And yeah, they’re usually really hot and I’m just jealous I can’t bang them on my budget. So what? I’m talking about your average, down to earth good-looking gal who is a potential suitor. They know locking down a rich guy probably isn’t happening. So what do they want?

A money manager. Someone who they can count on to never go broke. A man who always has his head above water. That’s basically what this study is saying. Being cheap is a turn off, believe me. I’ve turned a couple girls off in my day by having short arms and deep pockets. But as I’ve grown I’ve learned there are definitely times and places where dropping a fair amount of cash is necessary. Sometimes you need to pay to have fun. Like, getting a VIP table with all your people at a club is really fun once in a while. So you might have to drop $500 for a night. Oh well. Your chances of getting laid just skyrocketed because you’re in the VIP (great website).

Yet again I solve the riddle of the pointless study. When are they gonna start paying me for this shit? Knowledge and wisdom has a price.

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