The Air Guitar National Championship At The House Of Blues This Weekend Looked Awesome

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Random Thought

Title belts are so much more kickass than any trophy could ever be. Except the Stanley Cup.

Don’t know why but I’m digging the dress-confetti matching combo.

Show a little more enthusiasm and zip your fucking fly guy.

Heart and soul of America right there. That hair screams, “I slay pussy.”

Swag Daddy’s uncle in the house just popped a couple molli’s in the bathroom.

Joel McHale? Danny Tanner approves.

Dave Grohl is mean and gives zero fucks.

Nobody rocks the strings like this anymore except orthadox Jews. Severely underutilized style.

Rock me Amadeus!

Almost 100% positive this guy works at my barber shop. Mean ginger beard.

Wouldn’t be the Air Guitar National Championship without a failed back flip and a broken neck.

Those socks. I need them. The rest of the pink accessories are overkill.

I’m fairly certain this is actually Andre 3000 just hanging out at the bar.

Freddie Mercury always did love his men with full, plump breasts.

This is who actually won it. “Lt. Facemelter” just melting faces and hearts all at the same time.

This is my winner though. You can’t teach that type of intensity. Guy was basically born to rock the air guitar. Bet he was shredding to “Voodoo Child Slight Return.” That solo spits flames in every direction for miles.

Oh, and we can’t talk about air guitars without dropping two of the best bench celebrations of all time. For my money, guy on the left of the Oklahoma one wins.




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