If You Think Your Monday Sucks At Least You Aren’t A Surf City Rioter Who Got Arrested After Liking His Own Picture On The Police Facebook Page

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Random Thought

Luis Enrique Rodriguez Arrested

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Authorities in a Southern California beach community say they tracked down a suspected vandal after he “liked” photos on the police department’s Facebook page of patrol cars damaged in a riot that followed a popular surf contest. Huntington Beach police say 18-year-old Luis Enrique Rodriguez of Anaheim was taken into custody Friday on vandalism charges for allegedly scrawling obscenities on the side of police cruisers. The Orange County Register reported Sunday that investigators identified Rodriguez after the activity on the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Facebook page produced a series of tips. The damage took place during mob violence last month that followed a surfing tournament in the community. An off-duty firefighter was among those arrested after a mob broke windows, looted and fought along the downtown streets. Rodriguez was arrested by Anaheim police.

Not a good look, brah. I mean we all know rule #1 of Facebook is never liking your own anything. It comes off as desperate and makes it look like you spend every waking second on the ‘Book waiting for notifications to pop up. Classic loser. Almost as bad as guys who friend request girls and then immediately write on their wall, “Thanx 4 da add ma.”

But this just goes to show how much easier cops have it now. Sherlock Holmes and Magnum PI are rolling over in their graves right now. Social media gives today’s cops an actual database of pictures and profiles to help them investigate. Oh there were a lot of people rioting and we couldn’t arrest anyone when it happened? That’s ok. Just pop a couple pictures up on Facebook and wait for the idiots to start trolling. “Oh shit man my picture’s up on the police Facebook page. I look pretty ripped though. Profile pic worthy.” LIKE. Donezo. Simple as that.

The rioters were clearly a bunch of posers though. Soul surfers don’t need to riot. They just need their board and some swells to get pitted all day. WA-PAH!




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