Hakeem Olajuwon’s Quote Sums Up Dwight Howard’s Game Perfectly

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Basketball


Quote from Hakeem after a 90 minute workout with Howard yesterday…

“As good as he is right now, he’s still very raw. But he has all the tools so I’m like a kid in a candy store. That’s why we give him the fundamentals of these moves. There’s a rhythm. And once he sees it, then it’s easier to emulate and then incorporate with power. He has the power. Now we’re adding finesse to the power.”

Well there you have it folks. After 9 seasons in the NBA, this numb nuts is “still very raw,” which is exactly what I’ve been saying for years now. He’s the exact same player today as he was when he entered the league in 2004. He gets by on freak athleticism and strength. That’s it. Guy is a fucking bum. It’s pretty well-documented how the post-Shaq era of big men have limited back to the basket skills, and nobody emulates that more than Dwight Howard’s crying bitch ass. He looks so awkwardly uncomfortable when he gets the ball in the post it’s cringe-worthy. Hakeem and Kevin McHale are probably texting each other, “SMH!” It’s truly remarkable how someone can spend that much time in the gym with the greatest coaches in the world and still not improve a lick over 9 years. Dwight Howard is gonna go down as one of the biggest wastes of talent in the history of the game. He’s playing in an era that he should DOMINATE. He’s so much bigger and stronger than most guys he goes up against on a nightly basis. If he had 1/10th the arsenal of post moves Hakeem had he’d be un-guardable.

So this little stretch of his career while he’s playing with the Rockets is it for me. If he can’t get better playing with James Harden in an offense that’s catered to spreading the floor, with a head coach and a personal coach who are the two greatest post players in NBA history, then he’s a bust. Plain and simple. Keep those max contracts coming in Dwight. Baby mama’s don’t pay for themselves.

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