This Chinese Guy Who Passed Out Drunk In A Dumpster-Like Container Bound For LA Is Stupid

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Random Thought

Drunk Man Wakes Up Inside Shipping Container Bound for Los Angeles

(UPI) Chinese man Jiang Wu nearly got himself shipped to America after he locked himself in a container that was an hour away from departing on a two-week-long trip to Los Angeles. Wu reportedly mistook the container for the B&B he was staying in after a night of drinking in Qingdao, eastern China. Upon waking up the following day he had to call police to get out. “The container was sealed and he couldn’t get out so he called everyone he knew for help and called us too,” a police spokesman said. “His problem was, though, that he couldn’t tell us which container he was in and there were thousands of them stacked on top of each other.” Police eventually found Wu by following the sounds he made from inside the container. He was locked in a storage unit stacked 18 meters in the air.

No he’s not stupid for passing out drunk in a random container. I can’t fault anyone for where they pass out. I’m a repeat offender. But bro, what are you doing calling the cops? You had a free one-way ticket out of China to the good ol’ US of A. Why on earth would you pass that up? Land of the free home of the brave son. That shit ain’t in our national anthem for nothing. And you were coming to LA dude! There’s absurd amounts of Asian people here. You could have even hitched a ride north to San Francisco if you really wanted it to feel like home. Poor decision on your part guy. USA > all.

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