If You Can Pass This 8th Grade Test From 1912 Then You’re A Certified Genius

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Random Thought

1912 eighth grade exam

Jesus Christ. This is legitimately the hardest exam I’ve ever laid eyes on. Like, if an 8th grader today could pass this shit they’d be sent to Harvard and getting a free membership to MENSA. I’d probably get 80% of the spelling section right, but that’s why they put it first. It’s the easiest. Then, this is how many questions I’d get right for each section:

  • Arithmetic – 0
  • Grammar – 0
  • Geography – 5 (and that’s only because I’m a closet Geography nerd)
  • Physiology – 2
  • Civil Government – 4
  • History – 2

So if there’s 10 questions in each section and they’re each worth 10 points, there’s a total of 600 points to be earned in the aforementioned sections. I could answer 13 correctly (and that’s a very generous 13), which means I’d get a 130 out of 600. My primal arithmetic shows that makes for a rounded-up score of 22/100. So that’s the number people. If you can beat a 22 you can party with me any day. If you can get over a 40 you deserve some sort of reward.


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