Amanda Seyfried Has No Confidence In Her Boobs

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Hot Girls, Movies


amanda_seyfried_breasts_pic_11 amanda-seyfried-20080717031611925-000 Amanda-Seyfried-bikini  amanda-seyfrieds-tits-at-the-les-miserables-premiere-of-the-day

(LAist) You know what’s missing from Hollywood? Boobs. There just are simply not enough of them out there on the silver screen. And because of that, Amanda Seyfried is now worried that her decision to show off the girls in her upcoming movie, “Lovelace,” could cost her her career. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Seyfried said, “This is the riskiest thing that’s happening in Hollywood right now…The first thing you think about is that it could ruin my career.” Seyfried plays porn star Linda Lovelace in the movie, who found fame in the epic movie for which Seyfried’s film is named. The movie also stars Peter Sarsgaard and Sharon Stone.

I’m trying to figure out why Amanda Seyfried thinks showing off her fun bags in her new movie is going to hurt her career. After doing 10 minutes of titty research, I’m confident that she’s got a small, but healthy C-cup. Definitely nothing to scoff at. Two minutes in the closet with her and I’m a motor boatin’ son of a bitch. So where’s this inferiority complex coming from? Can anyone think of any reason why Amanda Seyfried, a rising star with nice tits, would have such little confidence in her physical appearance?

lindsay_lohan_mean_girls mean-girls-gallery gret208f780127ba97f6cb4c865b11203570


Oh yeah. She was the dumb ugly one in Mean Girls surrounded by three of the sexiest bitches alive at the time. Lohan in her prime. Absolute cannons on her in this movie. Gretchen Weiners was a brunette bombshell, and Rachel McAdams has only gotten hotter. So yeah, I’m sure they wrote some mean shit about her titties in the Burn Book.

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