These Three Inmates Are The Worst Prison Shankers These Eyes Have Ever Seen

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Random Thought

(DM) Surveillance cameras captured the moment every door at a maximum-security jail wing in Florida swung open and released a flock of violent criminals, who ganged up and attacked another inmate with vicious homemade knives. The inmate was forced to jump over a railing and fall one story to escape his assailants, who are believed to be members of a rival gang in the Miami neighborhood of Liberty City. The Miami-Dade Corrections Department says it still doesn’t know why the security system unlocked and opened every door in the maximum-security wing of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on June 14. However, two inmates immediately crept out of their cells – seemingly moving with purpose – as soon as the doors slid open.  The Miami Herald reports that this has led some to speculate that the prisoners knew that their doors would open and that they were waiting to be let out to execute their attack. The Herald obtained a copy of the June 14 surveillance video. It shows an attack on Kenneth Williams, believed to be a leader of the New Moneii gang that deals drugs in a Liberty City public housing project, by three rival gang members – all of whom were allegedly armed with shivs – crude prison knives. Williams jumped over a railing and landed on the floor below to escape his assailants. He can be seen writhing in pain, holding his leg. Doctors later said he suffered a fractured vertebrae and a broken ankle.

It’s always cool to get a sneak peak into real prisons. None of this Shawshank shit where everybody’s buddy-buddy having beers on the roof after a hard days work. Sometimes when the doors to every goddamn cell in the place open up simultaneously and you get surrounded by a hungry pack of wolves with shanks, you do the only thing you can do. Jump over the balcony railing to the next floor and break an ankle to save your life. Gotta respect to that guy for getting out there scratch free. And I bet he never thought he’d be holding on to a 350 lb white dude’s kankle for protection.

Williams, seen on the floor after his fall, broke his ankle and shattered a vertebra when he landed on story below

But bros with the shanks….really? That’s the best you got? My man at the beginning of the clip creeped out of his cell mad stealth-like. Looked like he was ready to do work.

Open sesame: Two inmates crept out of their cells the moment the doors slid open - leading to speculation that they knew they would be released

But then they surrounded the guy 3 on 1 and nobody could get the job done? That’s bush league shit. Guy wasn’t even running full speed down the hall to get away.

Williams, pursued by armed assailants, hikes up his trousers and throws himself over a railing to escape the knife-wielding inmates

This really makes me question their commitment to the whole thing in the first place. Like, did they really want it? You know what they say, “You miss 100% of the stabs you don’t take.” These guys are stabbing 0 for 0. Amateurs.

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