Brian Banks, Former Long Beach High School Star And Big Time Recruit Who Was Falsly Imprisoned For Rape, Finally Plays In An NFL Game

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Football

If you don’t know about the Brian Banks story I’ll sum it up for you real quick. He committed to USC in 2002 as a star linebacker for Long Beach Poly Tech. After his senior season, a cunt of a classmate (and I mean cunt in the worst possible way) came out and said that he kidnapped and raped her. Somehow he was convicted and sentenced to five years in jail. After he served his five years he spent five years on probation wearing an anklet and had to register as a sex offender. Then, he hired a private investigator to help him get the bitch who accused him to admit on a hidden camera that she made the whole thing up, which she did. All the charges were dropped and he finally got his chance to play in an NFL game for the Falcons last night.

Pretty wild story. None of us can even comprehend how hard it must have been for this guy sitting in jail everyday knowing he was innocent. He probably never thought he’d have the chance to throw on the pads and hit someone ever again. For all the shit stories that come from NFL players, it’s always nice to hear a tale of redemption. Good for you, Brian Banks. I hope you make the team and have a successful year. And I hope the heinous skank who accused you goes to jail for five years and is put on probation for another five after that. An eye for an eye DEFINITELY should apply here.

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