VIDEO: Marine In Pasadena Gets Fatal Blow To The Head During Fight

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Random Thought

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) — New video has surfaced of an attack outside an Old Town Pasadena eatery that left a U.S. Marine with a fatal head injury. The incident began as bar fight that spilled outside of IxTapa on the 100 block of East Colorado Boulevard around 1 a.m. Monday. The street fight was captured by a car’s dash cam. The video shows 25-year-old Joshua Martinez walking behind someone who appears to be his friend. Within seconds, he is knocked down by a single punch and left lying on the edge of the sidewalk. Police say he fell hard on his head and suffered critical injuries. He died Tuesday at the hospital. Police later arrested Jonas Ramos, 24, Angel Moroyoqui, 21, and Bania Aguirre, 24. Ramos and Moroyqui were arrested on murder charges and being held on $1 million bail. The Los Angeles County District Attorney is expected to file official charges, and Ramos and Moroyoqui are expected to be arraigned Wednesday. Aguirre was arrested on an accessory charge. She was released on bond Tuesday. Martinez was an active Marine reservist stationed at Camp Pendleton. He did one tour of duty in Afghanistan, according to a friend. His friend remembered Martinez as a proud Marine, a stand-up guy, and not the type of person to start a fight. “He’s like the poster child of a Marine,” said Luis Mario Morales. “It was just amazing. He always kept you motivated no matter what. You could have the worst day ever and he was there to motivate you. Maybe his motivation was sarcastic sometimes but it was funny and it just kept you going.”

Sad story. This is one of those instances that reminds me to always walk away from pointless bar fights. They just aren’t worth it. I’ve been in my share of brawls and sure, they always make for good stories and you feel a bond with your bros over it. But there’s always a chance that someone could get seriously injured or even killed. I’m sure these guys who threw the punches aren’t the murdering type. They just got into a scuffle while they were drunk. But now they’re being charged with murder and looking at some severe jail time. I’ll take walking away and looking like a pussy for two minutes over 25 years in the slammer any day of the week.

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