Clippers Schedule Is Out. Time To Break It Down.

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Basketball

NBA schedule’s came out today, which gives us a chance to look at what the Clippers are in store for. The NBA season is long and there’s only a few teams that can actually compete for the championship. So when I break down this schedule, just know that I know most of this will mean nothing. Barring any severe injuries, the Clippers will make the playoffs and that’s when it really matters. The Western Conference is stacked so you want to get in the top four seeds so you can jump out on people and have that game 7 at home in your back pocket. So here are a couple points that caught my eye on the schedule.

  • Very early in the season, but for a two week stretch from 11/7 to 11/21, they have to play the following teams in order: at Miami, at Houston, vs. Minnesota, vs. OKC, vs. Brooklyn, vs. Memphis, at Minnesota, at OKC.  That’s 6 out of 8 games against good, championship quality teams. Like I said, early in the season, but it’ll give them a good test to see how tough they are verse the NBA’s elite. Plus they’ve lost to the Grizzlies back to back years in the second round. They need to start getting some wins against them just for confidence if they meet again in the playoffs.
  • Christmas Day at Golden State. The Oracle Arena is one of the loudest, if not THE loudest in the NBA. That place will be bumping for a Christmas Day game. They just came off a year where they overachieved in the playoffs, and they expect to be right back in the second round next year. Curry is a stud so I want to see how Chris Paul defends him. Should be a really entertaining game with two of the league’s most exciting teams.
  • Back to back January 17/18 – at NY and at Indiana. This will be a good back to back test. I’m not big on the Knicks but they do know how to light it up in front of the MSG faithful at times. And I’m really up on Indiana this year because they added depth at the big man spot signing Luis Scola (completely underrated his whole career). Indy is one of the best defensive teams so I want to see how the Clips will handle a back to back with them on the second night.
  • February 18-23: vs. San Antonio, at Memphis, at OKC. These are the three teams the Clips will have to go through to win the West. This will be their first three games out of the All Star break, and I can’t wait. They also play Houston on the 26th which will be another tough one, assuming Houston is good this year.

Nothing else for the rest of the schedule really stands out to me as something worth noting. So keep a look out for these four points. I’m telling you that three game stretch after the All-Star break will tell us a lot about where the Clippers’ heads are at. I’m thinking Doc Rivers might be able to get them tougher and more prepared for the meat of the West a little better than Vinnie del Negro.

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