A Bunch Of Passengers On A 13 Hour Flight From Chile to Australia Get Non-Stop Diahrrea For The Whole Flight

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Random Thought

(Source) Twenty-six passengers on a Qantas flight from Santiago to Sydney were struck down with a gastro intestinal illness midflight on Thursday, resulting in a mass vomiting and diarrhoea episode. A team of paramedics met flight QF28 when it landed at Sydney Airport about 5.15pm on Thursday and treated the ill passengers, who were all part of the same tour group returning to Australia after celebrating World Youth Day last month in Brazil. Three of the passengers were so ill they had to be stretchered off the plane. The teenagers and several of their teachers were experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea throughout the 13-hour flight from Chile to Australia on the Boeing 747-400, which has fewer than 10 toilets on board. NSW Health said their symptoms were consistent with norovirus infection. “It is believed the illness was contracted before boarding the aircraft and symptoms became evident during the flight,” a Qantas spokesperson said. The plane was also disinfected. Sixteen passengers were then taken to Prince of Wales Hospital and St George Hospital for treatment. In a statement, the NSW Ministry of Health said the group had developed “vomiting and diarrhoea on the plane” consistent with norovirus infection, which is a common cause of outbreaks of gastroenteritis in Australia and elsewhere. “NSW Health has provided Qantas with a letter and fact sheet about viral gastro to distribute to all departing passengers, as well as advice for cleaning and cabin staff,” NSW Health said in a statement. It said the sick group was assessed by paramedics and escorted out of the airport “with minimal exposure to other passengers”. One passenger, Lisa McCormick, told the ABC that the teenagers were all from Melbourne and the regional Victorian city of Sale. “It just gradually wore through them all as the flight wore on, and it was 13 hours so it was a very long flight for them,” she said.

Flight. From. Hell. Straight up. I get annoyed if someone can’t stop sneezing around me, never mind crapping directly in my comfort area. I’d rather go down in a blaze of glory and die in a plane crash than endure a 13 hour flight with people pissing out of their asses. Fuck outta my face with that shit. Literally. Like, it’s a fucking nightmare when you have to shit on a plane. You just feel so pressured because you know other people are waiting to use it and anything more than 5 minutes will get you weird looks from people as you’re walking down the aisle. So imagine a plane full of people who physically can’t stop shitting? Nightmare city. I bet none of them even had to puke as part of the sickness. They just started smelling the piles of feces growing around them as each minute passed and fucking blew chunks out of their mouth and ass at the same time. It’s like a reverse Eiffel Tower.

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