Cop Really Doesn’t Like This Old Dude Holding His Hands Behind His Back

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Random Thought

(Incident happens at :33)

Tough to argue in favor of the cop here. Usually I am pro-cop when it comes to situations where excessive force is used. I get that some cops are on a power trip, but most are cool guys if you cooperate. So usually when this type of thing happens it’s obvious that the person mouthed-off and was giving attitude.

But on this one? It seemed like a fairly relaxed conversation until the cop wrangled the old dude to the ground. Maybe the cop felt threatened because the guys hands were behind his back? I don’t know, I can’t really bring myself to buy that one. This is the only way I’d give him a free pass. The cop just found out before his shift that his wife cheated on him, and then the old dude looks in his eye and says…

Then, he’d have my blessing.

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