Pussification of America Continues: Van Nuys Art Teacher Suspended Without Pay And Transferred For Sticking Up For Himself Against A Violent Student

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Random Thought

A Southern California art teacher who was suspended for 11 days after writing a harsh letter to a student’s parents is firing back at the Los Angeles Unified School District, claiming he is the true victim of harsh behavior. Lorcan Kilroy is speaking out against the LAUSD, saying the district cheated him by giving him an unfair, unpaid suspension and ultimate transferal from his job as a Van Nuys High School art teacher after he fought back against a student he said abused him in class. “Abusive teachers, abusive students. It’s abuse. Why are we tolerating that?” Kilroy said of incidents with a pupil that occurred more than a year ago. After the student used a homophobic slur toward the teacher and threatened to “slap the (expletive) out of him,” Kilroy felt the administration let the incident slide, so he took matters into his own hands and wrote a letter to the student’s parents. “This senseless apathy is a malignant sore, a cancer on the energy and morale of the whole class,” the letter stated. “This is dismal, pathetic, self-absorbed and destructive…Please do not respond to this letter by staging a conference to come dribble and whine like many do about you or your kid’s personal difficulties or your hard life.” The letter — written in January 2012 — is what Kilroy said resulted in his 11-day unpaid suspension, which was issued Monday and will forbid him from entering the campus from Aug. 13 to Sept. 23. Adding fuel to the fire, Kilroy found out on Wednesday that he is being transferred to Lawrence Middle School in Chatsworth.

Who’s got it worse than city public school teachers? Seriously, you can do no right. What the fuck are you supposed to do when a kid calls you a fag and tells you he’s gonna slap the shit out of you? Give him a fucking gold star and tell him what a good young kid he is and how bright his future looks? Screw that noise. If anything this teacher was too lenient. I guess writing a letter is the responsible thing to do, but you need to put a kid in his place sometimes. Little known fact about me is that I substitute taught at my old high school for a few months when I was 22. Keep in mind that my school was pretty ghetto. Under 50% white to give you a more clear picture. I had a bad class and one kid wouldn’t stop trying to slap box with the others. He repeatedly said “mista you wack,” and “chill out mista you too serious.” So after the third time I told him to stop, I brought him in front of the class and gave everyone a glimpse into his future. I said, “Listen up everyone. How many people think _______ is going to college?” Everyone laughs. “How many people think _________ will be graduating high school?” Everyone laughs. “How many people think ________ is going to be the bum on the street covered in his own piss eating out of a dumpster begging for all of your spare change downtown in 15 years?” Everyone got a little more serious but some laughed. Kid went back to his seat, got laughed at by his friends and had no chance of turning that frown upside down for the rest of the day. Sad to say that was a top 10 moment in my life?

Anyways, the point is when the fuck are we going to revert back to old school tactics of punishment? How long until we realize coddling kids and making everyone a winner is quickly creating generations of selfish assholes who can’t accept hardships or failure without making a fuss and running to the internet to cry about it? This is a real problem. It’s not some fictional issue that only a few people think is happening. This shit’s real. I think my goal, no, my Quest in life should be to demolish the Pussification of America movement. If you’re a parent who complains that your kid doesn’t get enough playing time, get the fuck out of my way because I will find you, and I will destroy you.






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