Texas Executes So Many People It’s Running Out Of The Drug Used In The Executions

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Random Thought

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — The nation’s most active death penalty state is running out of its execution drug. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Thursday that its remaining supply of pentobarbital expires in September and that no alternatives have been found. It wasn’t immediately clear whether two executions scheduled for next month would be delayed. The state has already executed 11 death-row inmates this year, and at least seven more have execution dates in coming months. “We will be unable to use our current supply of pentobarbital after it expires,” agency spokesman Jason Clark said. “We are exploring all options at this time.” Texas switched to the lethal, single-dose sedative last year after one of the drugs used in its three-drug execution process became difficult to obtain and the state’s supply expired.Missouri wants to use propofol, the anesthetic blamed for pop star Michael Jackson‘s 2009 death — even though the drug hasn’t been used to execute prisoners in the U.S. Its potential for lethal injection is under scrutiny by the courts and its first use isn’t likely anytime soon. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster recently suggested that if a suitable execution drug can’t be found, the state should consider the gas chamber. State law still allows for execution by lethal gas, though Missouri no longer even has a gas chamber. A return to the gas chamber or electric chair anywhere would be difficult, Dieter suggested. “Those things just raise the spectacle level and I don’t think it’s where states want to go,” he said. Texas has by far executed more inmates than any other state in the U.S. since the Supreme Court allowed executions to resume. Since 1982, six years after the high court’s order, Texas has executed 503 inmates. Virginia is a distant second at 110. As of May 2012, Texas had 46 of the 2.5-gram vials of pentobarbital, presumably enough to execute as many as 23 prisoners since each execution requires a 5-gram dose. The execution Wednesday of an inmate convicted in two road-rage killings was the 20th lethal injection since that disclosure.

The state of Texas is coming face to face with a modern problem. And modern problems require modern solutions. So if I was the governor of Texas and my state was running out of the drug used in lethal injections, here’s how I’d handle it.

I’d coordinate with the Marines/Army/Navy Seals and come up with a plan to have the prisoners sentenced to death be part of The Most Dangerous Game. A real manhunt. It would be part of the training for special ops. What better way to train than to hunt a man? They’re gonna be put overseas to kill real people anyways, so you have to get them used to the shock of taking another human’s life. Seriously though, if you kept a tracking device on the prisoner (just to make sure he didn’t flee), let him get a 10 minute head start into the woods/jungle/wherever the fuck they do all this secret training, and then have the trainees hunt him down. It not only saves the state a shit ton of money, but it helps our national defense as well. Those Al Qaeda pussies that train on monkey bars won’t stand a chance. These men have been put through the justice system and a jury of their peers found them guilty and they were sentenced to death. It never specified that it had to be a peaceful and painless death by lethal injection. Fuck that. If you’re sentenced to die, you probably viciously murdered one or more people anyways. You deserve to be hunted down like n animal. Motherfuckers will think twice if they know they’re gonna be manhunted to the death instead of a painless little needle.

There you have it. A modern solution to a modern problem. You can’t tiptoe around these things. You gotta face them head on with a big swangin’ dick.

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