UC San Diego Student Who Was Left In A DEA Cell For 4 Days Unattended Just Received A Cool $4 Million For His Troubles

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Random Thought

A University of California San Diego student abandoned in a DEA holding cell for four days, without food or water, settled a lawsuit against the Justice Department on Tuesday for $4.1 million. Daniel Chong, now 25, was detained the morning of April 21, 2012 after DEA agents raided a house he was visiting, seizing some 18,000 pills of ecstasy, along with other drugs, several guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. DEA agents realized Chong was not involved and told him he wouldn’t be charged. Chong, still in handcuffs, was then placed in a 5-by-10-foot, windowless holding cell. No one would return to the cell for four days, until the afternoon of April 25. “It sounded like it was an accident – a really, really bad, horrible accident,” Chong said. Without food or water, Chong resorted to drinking his own urine to survive. By the third day, he said he was hallucinating. Eventually, Chong thought he would die and used a piece of broken glass to carve “Sorry mom” onto his arm, but was only able to complete the “s.” When DEA agents finally returned to the cell, they found Chong covered in feces and dehydrated. He had lost 15 pounds and was hospitalized for five days for dehydration, kidney failure, cramps and a perforated esophagus “This was a mistake of unbelievable and unimaginable proportions,” Chong’s attorney Julia Yoo said, adding that Chong has returned to school. “He changed his major from engineering to economics and wants to finish school, pursue his career and help take care of his mother.” According to Yoo, the DEA has now instituted a nationwide police that places daily calls to agents at satellite offices to check on the well-being of prisoners in each cell.

Three things here.

1. I refuse to believe this kid wasn’t at least there to buy some of the 18,000 pills of ecstasy. In my experience, Asians love that shit. Love buying it, love doing it, and definitely love selling it. Best shit I ever had was from an Asian. So if I can tell you one thing and one thing only, it’s if you happen to be offered E or buy E from an Asian, be prepared for the time of your life. You will have the greatest 4-6 hours followed by a horrible 1-2 hours. Deal with it. It’s worth it.

2. Is this dude’s lawyer the former Men’s Wearhouse spokesmen? Pretty solid backup career, bro.


3. A fantastic hypothetical. Would you try to endure 4 days of no food or water if you knew in the end there was $4 million there for you? It’s the ultimate question of d-d-d-do you have it? GUTS! Because you could for sure die. I mean, I think this kid was on his 9th life by the time they found him. But that was day 5. If you just had to make it through 4 full days, 96 hours with no food or water, would you try it? It’s pretty damn tempting, but I’m gonna say hells fucking no. I like water way too much. It’s really not the food part that would bother me. I just can’t go more than an hour without chugging water. It’s my favorite drink. Ole reliable. So no, this challenge ain’t for me. But I’m sure there are a bunch of Bear Grylls wannabe’s out there who think they could handle it. Let’s see what you’ve got, chumps. $4 million internet dollars are waiting for you at the finish line.

FYI that translates to $1600 in real dollars.

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