The Jerk Store Called And They’re Running Out Of This Asshole Who Takes Up 2 Parking Spots Everyday

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Random Thought

Now normally, if the guy did this once then I’d give him a pass. But in the video description it says that he does it everyday, so fuck him. What kind of asshole parks over the lines? Seriously, it’s so fucking easy to park. If your a heterosexual male and can’t get it right, then you need to turn in your man pass. And that’s saying something coming from a guy who is really limited in the amount of typical man things he can do. Like, I don’t know shit about fixing cars and my survival skills are pretty limited, but I sure as hell can park a car the right way. Also, watching this guy struggle to get from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat was beyond depressing. How are you that unathletic? Get a life.

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