Chihuahua Stops The Pussiest Robbers Of All Time From Holding Up Store

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Random Thought

Wearing black hooded jackets and armed with a rifle, the two thieves burst into a tobacco store in Altadena near Los Angeles demanding money.However when the owner began handing over cash from the till, his tiny pet started barking frenetically. The diminutive dog named Paco refused to be intimidated even when one of the robbers pointed the barrel of his weapon at him, eventually chasing the men out of the shop and down the street. The attempted robbery took place on July 7 around 7:30pm. Footage of the incident has been released by Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials who hope that someone may recognise the men.

Honestly, chihuahua’s might be my least favorite kind of dog. They don’t bring anything to the table for me. Regardless, this little taco bell muncher has some big brass balls. Usually when the guys with the guns retreat, you let them go and thank God nothing happened. But little Paco showed a lot of heart and a lack of brains chasing them out the door and onto the street. He was like Charlie Sheen in the last battle in Platoon. Just zero fucks to be given about his own safety. Flipped the switch and went from zero to suicidal psycho in 2 seconds. Respect due to Paco.

And to the would-be robbers turned vaginal secretions…they showed up. Could have cunt-punted Paco into bolivian but ran away with their tail between their legs.

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