Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Ran, Biked, And Swam Away From Cops Before Eventually Getting Tased?

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Random Thought


Police say an Illinois man ran the getaway triathlon Wednesday morning when he tried to flee, first on foot, then on a bicycle, and finally by diving into the ocean. Brion Adam Kriss, 23, allegedly hit a parked car in Rehoboth, Del. with his vehicle around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, WUSA 9 reported. When cops showed up, they say Kriss brandished a knife before speeding away, according to The Independent. Kriss allegedly crossed the border into Ocean City, M.D. before losing control of his car, hitting two other vehicles before crashing into a telephone pole and injuring a pedestrian. Police say Kriss jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot before stealing a bicycle and riding to a nearby mall, officers tailing close behind him. Cops called in reinforcements that included a Maryland State Police helicopter and a K-9 unit. Once he got to the mall, officers say, he jumped off the bike and assaulted multiple officers before diving into the nearby bay, according to WBALTV. Officers in pursuit say they had no choice but to use a Taser and rubber bullets to subdue Kriss on a small sandbar in the bay. Kriss is facing a slew of charges in both Maryland and Delaware, as well as fugitive warrants from his home state of Illinois, according to an Ocean City Police Department news release.

If you’re the cops, at what point during this chase do you just tip your cap to this guy and classify him under “the one that got away”? Gotta be the second he ditches the bike and dives into the bay. Respect should be given where respect is due, and Brion Adam Kriss certainly deserved some respect.

My thing is if I was a cop, I’d want to have an arch nemesis like this guy. He’s crafty, resourceful, and will test my skills as an enforcer of the law to the full extent. I’d put his picture on my bathroom mirror like Rocky did with Drago. I’d picture his face when I’m in the gun range. I’d wake up thinking, “Today’s the day I’m gonna get that fucker.” I’d go to sleep thinking, “Tomorrow’s definitely it. Tomorrow’s the day.” It would make the job so much more interesting. And when, not if, I finally catch him 15 years down the road, it’d be like winning the heavy weight belt. I’d cuff that mother fucker and have “We Are The Champions” cued up to put on blast over the speakers. It’d be goddamn glorious.

Top 10 movie montage of all time. DRAGOOOOOO!!!

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