Watch Former Hot Dog Eating Champ Kobayashi TryTo Remain Relevant By Chugging A Gallon Of Milk!

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Random Thought

Watching legends burn out at the end of their career is usually sad, but when it’s Kobayashi? I’m all for it. Listen, the guy absolutely dominated the hot dog eating contest for years. It wasn’t even close. He goes down as an all time great for sure. I even think he invented the dipping of the buns in water. Revolutionized the game. Point is, the hot dog eating contest is on the 4th of July and hot dogs are America’s thing. The whole event has America written all over it. So when a little ripped Japanese fuck came over and started laying the smack down on us year after year after year, I gotta say, my animosity towards him grew.

Then in 2006 came the great white American hope, Joey freakin’ Chestnut. He took the scene by storm eating 52 hot dogs that year, losing to Kobayashi by 1 1/2 dogs. We all knew the stage was set for a long rivalry. In 2007, Chestnut finally broke through and took down the beast by chowing down on a world record 66. He hasn’t lost since and just set the record with 69 (ha ha). It feels good to have a true blooded American like Joey Chestnut on the throne of the hot dog eating world. That’s the way it should be. Fourth of July, Hot Dogs, a guy named Joey, fuck yeah.

So Kobayashi, the only way you’re gonna reclaim the limelight is to quit chugging milk and start training with hot dogs again. You won 6 in a row, Chestnuts got 7 and counting. You set the record with 53 1/2, Chestnut has 69. You are Karl Malone, he is Jordan. Or in terms you might understand, he is Mr. Miyagi and you are the karate kid.

Rock Flag and Eagle indeed!


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