People Protesting The Trayvon Martin Verdict On The 10 Need To Take It Somewhere Else

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Random Thought


I believe this is the first time I’ve seen protesting on a highway. And I’ll tell you what, it better be the last time. If I was on the 10 today and I got stuck in traffic for this shit I’d be INFURIATED. Protest and demonstrate all you want. It’s your right. But on the highway? No. Just no. Being in bumper to bumper traffic is literally one of the most agonizing and frustrating things that can happen to you throughout the course of your day. Total game changer.

Picture this: you’re coming back from the beach, got a little buzz going. You thought about taking a piss before you got in the car but figured you’re good for the half hour ride home. You’re cruising along feeling good and then BOOM. Dead stop. You get on your WAZE app to see where the accident is and all the sudden you find out that there’s 50-100 people just chillin in the middle of the highway. Fucking curveball city to your plans. All the sudden that piss starts to creep up on you, but you ain’t moving anytime soon. No bottles in the car either so you’re fucked.

Complete 180. Not fucking fun at all. Like, is there really a need for more traffic in LA? Why can’t you guys protest on sidewalks like the Westboro Baptist Church? They’re crushing the modern-era protest game. This highway shit is amateur hour. Slowing people’s commutes will only breed more hate, not support.

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