Yet Another Reason To Never Go To Africa…Thing Thing.

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Random Thought

alien creature

alien creature

alien creature south africa

Nope. Fuck that. I was still on the fence about visiting Africa someday because I wanted to make a stop on each continent (except Antarctica). But if I have to worry about coming across deformed alien baboons, I’ll take a permanent rain check thanks very much. Imagine coming across this beast laying there. You think it’s dead. You’re scared enough as it is because, well, look at it. Then imagine it comes back to life, pops up and makes a run at you? I’d make runs in my pants.

Seriously though I’m gonna have to get blackout drunk tonight so I can’t feel feelings and won’t have to remember this thing when I’m falling asleep. Drinking to the rescue, yet again.

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