Norman The Wonderdog Breaks World Record For Fastest Scooter Ride

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Random Thought

Time to face the music and admit that Norman can ride scooters better than me. Don’t know what it is with scooters but I’ve never been good at riding them. Look at Norman, though. He’s got good balance and a strong left leg kick. Once he picks up speed he gets in his position and stays still as a board. Flawless technique.

That being said, how much doggy ass is Norman gonna plow through the next couple weeks? Probably 4 or 5 a day. They don’t call them hornDOGS for nothing. Getta be a lot of french poodles out there begging for a shag from a world record holder. Also, is human style possible for dogs? I’m talking about missionary of course. It seems plausible given the right circumstances. And do you think dogs would love missionary as much as dudes love doggy?

Side Note: Doggy is always my finishing move. I’ve heard from a lot of friends that it’s theirs, too. Classic difference between guys and girls in sex. Girls want you to look into their eyes. Guys want to look into the brown-eye.

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