Is There An Easier/More Fun Profession Than Being An EDM DJ?

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Random Thought

So my friend showed my this video the other night and said that it would piss me off because of how much fun these DJ’s have on a regular basis. Well he was spot fucking on. Being an EDM DJ has to be the easiest and most fun job on the planet, right? What do you do really? You spend time getting drunk and high in the studio while mashing up a bunch of robot sex noises over a “kick, snare, kick, snare” drum beat. Then you get drunk and high on tour, go on stage, press fucking play and let the party begin. Spray champagne on hot ass girls who are begging for the dick dog and jump around and dance like a fucking monkey. Fuck Goddamnit.

I’m 97% sure all those turntables and knobs are just for show, too. It’s not like they’re scratching up records or anything like a hip hop DJ. It just seems unfair that squids like Steve Aoki get to party and bone hot chicks all the time while a charismatic and charming fellow like myself is confined the a 4×8 cubicle everyday writing to entertain the masses. I’m a peacock you gotta let me spread my wings and fly! I’m hating so hard right now but that’s the #bloglife.

For further proof here’s another video of an old, ugly man who you’d trade lives with in a millisecond.

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