30,000 Inmates Refuse Breakfast And Lunch Today…Can’t Hold Out For Dinner Though.

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Random Thought


California officials Monday said 30,000 inmates refused meals at the start of what could be the largest prison protest in state history. Inmates in two-thirds of the state’s 33 prisons, and at all four out-of-state private prisons, refused both breakfast and lunch on Monday, said corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton. In addition, 2,300 prisoners failed to go to work or attend their prison classes, either refusing or in some cases saying they were sick. The corrections department will not acknowledge a hunger strike until inmates have missed nine consecutive meals. Even so, Thornton said, Monday’s numbers are far larger than those California saw two years earlier during a series of hunger strikes that drew international attention. Despite the widespread work stoppages and meal refusals, Thornton said state prisons operated as usual through the day. “Everything has been running smoothly,” she said. “It was normal. There were no incidents.” The protest, announced for months, is organized by a small group of inmates held in segregation at Pelican Bay State Prison near the Oregon border. Their list of demands, reiterated Monday, center on state policies that allow inmates to be held in isolation indefinitely, in some cases for decades, for ties to prison gangs. Though prison officials contend those gang ties are validated, the state last year began releasing inmates from segregation who had no evidence of gang-related behavior. Nearly half of those reviewed have been returned to the general population. The protest involves the same issues and many of the same inmates who led a series of protests in California prisons two years ago. At the height of those 2011 hunger strikes, more than 11,600 inmates at one point refused meals. The correction department’s official tally, which counts only those inmates on any given day who have skipped nine consecutive meals, never rose above 6,600.

Where’s the commitment guys? You’ll protest at breakfast and lunch, but not dinner? Can’t half-ass a hunger strike. Hungry Hungry Homer would be ashamed.

Anyways, I’m torn as fuck on this one. Like, yeah I get that it’s kind of fucked up to keep people in solitary for not really doing anything specific besides having gang ties. I know what it’s like. I’ve seen Shawshank and American History X. But at the same time, don’t join gangs and do fucked up shit that’ll land you in the slammer. Life 101 stuff right there. Plus with all this pineapple talk coming from the Hernandez solitary situation I’m beginning to think that it’s not a bad, as long as you’re a high profile athlete. But I’m a working-class white man. That gets more respect among the masses in this country than a minority athlete, right? Sure we all envy their talent and money. But I’m Joe Everyman. You’d all feel for me if I got busted with some blow and a hooker, because that could easily be you. So, I guess the lesson is if you’re going to get busted and go to jail, don’t join a gang and don’t be busted being a rapist. Rapers gonna rape, but rape on the DL.

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